Playing soccer is a way to establish a fun, healthy after-school environment for young girls in the program.

At the beginning of the school year, each participant receives a pack containing all the essentials for a soccer player. Practices run consistently, twice a week throughout the academic year, with opportunities to play in weekend league and tournaments. Practices are run by trained coaches who become mentors. In the summer, girls participate in summer camps that blend soccer, service learning and enrichment activities.

By providing them with a safe space to play, Girls Kick participants will develop bonds between teammates and forge a supportive community. The development of leadership skills through healthy competition will empower them to act as agents of change in their communities through service-learning projects.


Education is at the core of Girls Kick programming.

Full time enrollment and attendance is required of all participants. It is our goal to see every girl graduate high school and get a chance to attend college. Academic support is provided by trained educators in the following areas:


  • Tutoring
  • Organizational skills
  • Computer skills
  • High school and college preparation
  • English language classes
  • Workshops

Health and Wellness

Many young women do not have access to knowledge of basic holistic self care practices.

Providing spaces that foster wellness is imperative to the quality of life of the participants. We intend to host programming that will instill the principles of healthier habits, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health awareness.

As students build self-awareness and esteem through Girls Kick programs, they will be better equipped to set high goals for themselves and support their communities. The program will provide workshops on nutrition, wellness, mindfulness, and healthy relationships.

Sample programs

My Body, My Self, My Truth

Self Care & Advocacy
Self care and loving yourself, supporting and addressing your needs, advocating for yourself.

Cultural Events

It is imperative to see the self represented in various spaces.

It is imperative to offer cultural space in order for the participants to gain a sense of cultural pride, self acceptance, and advocacy skills. This allows for the fostering of culture sharing, bridge building and empathetic conversation. As girls learn about teamwork on the field, they will also build strong friendships off of it, through cultural sharing and exchange.

Sample programs

My People Are

Life As I Know It

How to help

Become a financial supporter

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Mentor/ sponsor a participant

Make a direct contribution

Become a volunteer, donate your time

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Corporate sponsorships also available