Educational Impact

In addition to being an intrinsic human right, research has always shown that education, especially girls’ education, is one of the most effective ways towards development, not only for girls themselves, but also for their families, communities and society in general.

Girls’ education contributes to improve maternal health, reduce infant mortality, improve household nutrition, and increase potential labor force and possibilities of economic growth. Overcoming obstacles to girls’ education is therefore essential to tackle root causes of poverty.

Here are some positive impacts of girls’ education:

Reducing poverty, child mortality and promoting gender equality. Education is a key factor enabling women to engage in income-generating activities, to participate in household income and to acquire economic and social autonomy.

Girls’ education also has a multiplier effect: her children, in turn, will have a better chance of attending and staying in school in better conditions.
An educated girl will marry later, have fewer children, will eat better, have a better paid job and will participate more in decision-making in the family, social, economic and political spheres.
A pillar of development, education is a fundamental right enabling them to acquire knowledge and thus be able in turn to convey messages of progress and development.

Social Impact

Sport can break down barriers and free young girls from barriers that hinder them. Girls Kick’s programs help young girls gain confidence, self-esteem, fitness and access to opportunities that might break the cycle of poverty.

By focusing its programs on girls’ access to soccer, Girls Kick is committed to creating safe, accessible programs that deliver positive social outcomes.

From providing equipment and soccer training to young girls, to its after school academic program and Global citizenship curriculum, Girls Kick helps grow the game by growing its impact on local and global communities.

Soccer offers an incredible pathway to learning life skills. It helps build confidence on and off the field, and teach young girls to grow through moments of success and disappointment. It brings people together and plants the seeds of friendship.

Global Impact

Positive impacts of being a global citizen.

  • Build positive social identities, intercultural sensitivity and an expanded sense of global citizenship within each young girl.
  • Help young girls realize their potential as leaders in their community and in their own life, and feel empowered to do their part to make a positive change in the world.
  • Set participants on a course toward becoming global citizens concerned with social justice and equality.
  • Develop tools that will help our participants mature as global leaders
  • Develop intercultural competence
  • Learn to collaborate with people who are different from them
  • Take initiative as leaders in their local communities to make a difference on a global scale
  • Combine cultural understanding with personal and social responsibility.

Skills acquired

  • Personal and Social Responsibility
  • Curiosity
  • Empathy
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
  • Cultural Self-Awareness
  • Openness

How to help

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